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In 1997, Cortez and Michael Anderson (of Drekka) formed two short lived projects, entitled Transient Stellar and Vir . Transient Stellar performed as lovesliescrushing at Projektfest 1997, utilizing an early melding of jungle and shoegaze. The decidedly more experimental Vir released a 7" on Drone Records, a lovesliescrushing remix on Bluesanct , a compilation tracks for the magazine 'Losing Yesterday' and an interpretation of a work by Japanese sound artist Aube for the 'Rewriting the Book' compilation on Elsie & Jack Recordings. Many unreleased recordings by both groups exist and may come out at some point.

Formed in East Lansing, Michigan, United States in 1991, the duo of Lovesliescrushing consists of Scott Cortez (guitars) and Melissa Arpin-Duimstra (vocals). They are an ambient/noise group that uses the shoegaze/dream pop sound as a starting point, but drop conventional song structures, and focus on highly textured and otherworldly soundscapes. Guitarist Scott Cortez's use of his guitar in conjunction with loop devices, e-bow, paint scrapers, forks, knives, vibrators, violin bows, etc. to create lush, swirling tones dissociated with… read more

Lovesliescrushing - Chorus + 3Lovesliescrushing - Chorus + 3Lovesliescrushing - Chorus + 3Lovesliescrushing - Chorus + 3